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Monthly rentals Barcelona: Trust Serviguest

If you’ve ever wanted to live in Barcelona, a stunning city, you’re in luck. At Serviguest, we specialize in monthly rental apartments in Barcelona. We offer you fully equipped apartments so that you can find everything you need during your temporary stay in the Catalan capital.

Discover our options to solve your short term rental in Barcelona:

Charming apartment in the heart of Madrid - Ref. 1476

Charming apartment in the heart of Madrid – Ref. 1476

Discover this magnificent apartment, perfect for three people, located in the heart of Madrid! With one double bedroom, one single …
Charming apartment for three next to Plaza de España - Ref. 1475

Charming apartment for three next to Plaza de España – Ref. 1475

Discover this wonderful apartment, ideal for three people, combining comfort, functionality and a privileged location! With one double bedroom and …
Apartment with two double bedrooms next to Plaza de España - Ref. 1474

Apartment with two double bedrooms next to Plaza de España – Ref. 1474

Discover this charming apartment that combines comfort, elegance and style in every corner! With two double bedrooms and two full …
Apartment next to Plaza de España - Ref. 1473

Apartment next to Plaza de España – Ref. 1473

Discover the perfect place to enjoy the heart of Madrid in this charming apartment next to Plaza de España! With …
Consell de Cent 360 suite B REF. 1392

Consell de Cent 360 suite B REF. 1392

We present this exclusive flat with an unbeatable location, specifically in the peathonal street of Consell de Cent. The property …


We present this exclusive flat with an unbeatable location, specifically in the peathonal street of Consell de Cent. The property …

Monthly Rentals in Barcelona

We offer different monthly rental apartments in Barcelona. They are monthly rentals that offer a solution for labor mobility needs in Barcelona. This way, if you need to travel for training, a substitution, or a specific project in your professional life, you will not have to worry about accommodation. We will find the most appropriate one for your stay in the capital depending on your needs.

If you need a short-term rental in Barcelona for work, studies, or leisure reasons, you have a wide list of flats and apartments. With Serviguest, you can rent an apartment for months, whether you need it for a single month or for a few more. On our site, you’ll find a few options, but we’ll keep looking until you find your dream home.

Short-term rentals are ideal for people who have to live in another city for various reasons. No matter the reason that brings you to our city, we help you find your apartment for rent in Barcelona that best suits your needs.

In hotels, it can be difficult to find availability, or perhaps you don’t feel comfortable. To live for a while in another city, you need to find a temporary home in Barcelona, an apartment where you can rest and live your life as you would in your usual home. We offer this possibility thanks to the temporary apartments in our portfolio, all fully equipped so that you can feel at home.

Whatever your needs, you have a wide variety of furnished and equipped apartments available. These monthly rental apartments are ready to move into, for more limited periods than usual rental contracts. If you need a temporary rental in Barcelona, at Serviguest we have the solution.

Monthly Rental Apartments in Barcelona

There are cities to go to live in and others that are also lived in. Barcelona is one of them. The capital of Catalonia has that gift of making you feel at home from the first moment.

That makes many people decide to make it their home, even if only for a moment. Life takes many turns, but sometimes, one wants to stop, and if it is here, at the foot of the Mediterranean, even better.

Thinking about those people who are willing to take this step, we have created a catalog with short-term rental apartments in Barcelona. That is, with all the properties in which you can live during your stay in the city.

  • What type of temporary apartment are you looking for exactly?
  • What do you need in the apartment to feel comfortable?
  • How do you imagine your next home?
  • Do you want a central location, such as Born or Ciutat Vella, or do you prefer a residential area, such as Sarrià -Sant Gervasi?

For us, it is a challenge to find the apartment you need, and we are willing to take on the challenge. We will explore the map until we find the best short-term rental opportunity in Barcelona for you, or your loved ones if you are accompanied. Can you imagine living in a cozy temporary apartment in Barcelona, located in the heart of the city, in the Born neighborhood?

And in an unbeatable loft, just a step away from Paseo San Juan? In just five minutes, when you close the door of your house, you will find the Arc de Triomphe and the spectacular Sagrada Família. Everything that many dream of visiting once in their life, you could have every day during your stay in the city.

Discover our options for monthly rentals in Barcelona

Our apartments in Barcelona, in addition to being fully furnished, and with all the facilities such as elevator, heating or air conditioning are well-connected to public transportation (both metro and buses) to make your temporary stay easier and more comfortable. If you are looking for luxury temporary rental apartments in Barcelona, we can also help you!

If you start in Barcelona, if you already live here, but want to change… regardless of your story, make it happen in Barcelona, the best place.

Do you have to move to Barcelona for a few months and need a rental apartment? We have more than 10 years of experience in monthly and short-term rentals in Barcelona, so contact us, and we will find the best apartment for you.

Can we help you with your search for a temporary rental apartment in Barcelona?

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Stay, says Barcelona

Because there are cities that say yes. Yes, to enjoy them, squeeze them, live them, and share them. Because they make us feel lucky.

Living a season in Barcelona is an experience you cannot miss, it means enjoying its squares, its picturesque streets, its monuments and museums, its renowned theaters, its excellent gastronomy, and its luxury shops. In Barcelona, you can discover how traditions mix with the avant-garde.

When we started this adventure, we were clear that we wanted to focus on Barcelona because it is our city, and not a single day has it failed to surprise us. Here we have stayed, with our sights set on each of its opportunities that we turn into flats and apartments for rent for you.

Our way of working is very simple and is none other than putting ourselves in the place of the owner and the tenant. In this way, we manage to meet the needs of both. For us, both are equally important, and understanding them is key during the process.

We know that there lies the success of our work. There and in the choice of Barcelona as the main stage. The city offers us the best allies: the light, the Mediterranean, its typical dishes, the climate…

Our clients trust us because of our experience, and professionalism, and because we seek to satisfy their needs. But we know that without Barcelona, everything would be more complicated. The reality is that, when you find your flat or apartment, a story begins, yours and your relationship with the city, it is essential for what you experience to be as you had imagined.

Do you have a notepad on hand? Maybe now you are waiting for us to give you some addresses to visit as soon as you arrive in Barcelona and have settled in.

The truth is that we could talk to you about the Boquería market, Paseo de Gràcia or Colón, the Liceo, Tibidabo, Sant Antoni, La Ciutadella, or the Arc de Triomphe. We could talk to you about all the neighborhoods, from north to south, from east to west, the usual ones, and the ones that are suddenly starting to grow.

We could get lost in each of them, on foot, by bicycle, without blinking… because we wouldn’t know which one to choose.

And we could also tell you that Barcelona is powerful, and we would not be lying to you, but, better, let it tell you so itself. Stay, Barcelona will tell you, even if it’s for a few months.

Properties by area in Barcelona:

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