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Monthly rental in Madrid. At Serviguest, we help you find an apartment in Madrid.

Monthly rentals in Madrid: The solution to suit you

Monthly apartment rentals in Madrid

At Serviguest, we have a wide range of exclusive short-term properties, and we have a wide variety of interested parties who decide to settle in Madrid for different reasons. Due to this need, the idea of ??offering rent in Madrid for months arose.

Madrid monthly rentals

Madrid is one of the cities in which many, who only thought to stay a few days, decide to extend their accommodation in Madrid. Temporary rental in Madrid is becoming more common, especially for companies that need to relocate their employees for a season.

At Serviguest, we offer temporary rentals in Madrid. We provide rentals for months that offer a solution for those in need of labor mobility in the capital. We offer the convenience of settling in the event that you need to relocate for training, a situation, or a specific project in your professional life. Furthermore, we find the most appropriate place for your stay in Madrid depending on your needs.

Rent apartments in Madrid for the short term

At Serviguest we have created a catalog with flats In Madrid for months. We have a detailed catalog with properties designed and equipped so that you can live and enjoy the capital for a few months.

In the event that you need a flat for months in Madrid for work, study, or leisure reasons, we have a wide list of flats and apartments. We investigate until we find the perfect apartment for you, to make your stay as comfortable as possible.

We offer you the possibility that you can accommodate yourself in a fully equipped apartment that is above all safe and quiet so that you can enjoy these days in the city.

In addition to all the facilities such as a lift, heating or air conditioning that the apartments have, they have good access and are connected to public transport (both metro and buses) to facilitate and make your stay more comfortable.

Finding comfortable and affordable places in Madrid is not easy. We filter and search the entire city to find the best. Our mission is that during the months you live in Madrid, you get to feel at home.

Monthly apartment rental in Barcelona

As we all know, Barcelona is one of the most important capitals in the world in terms of education, employment, and business. However, it may not be easy to find suitable housing that you can live in for a few months to meet all your needs. Therefore, from Serviguest, we want to help you so that you do not have to worry about anything.

We offer different flats for short-term rental in Barcelona. They are rentals for months that offer a solution for labor mobility needs in the city of Barcelona. In this way, if you need to transfer for training, a replacement, or a specific project in your professional life, you will not have to worry about accommodation. We will find the most appropriate place for your stay in the capital city according to your needs.

If you need an apartment for months in Barcelona for work, study, or leisure reasons, you have a wide list of flats and apartments that you can rent by the month, whether you need it for a single month or for a few more. On our website, you will find a small selection, but we can keep looking until you fall in love at first sight with what will be your new home. If you do not find your ideal apartment, you can contact us, and together we will look for the temporary rental apartment that best suits your tastes and needs.

Discover the benefits of monthly rentals in Madrid for homeowners

Do you have a flat in Madrid and want to rent it? Discover the benefits of renting by months, in terms of security and profitability:

Responsible tenant

Most of our clients are companies that come for a specific project or job.

Absence of defaults

Forget about problems. The payers are creditworthy companies.

+30% profitability

Higher profitability than a traditional rental.

Maximum occupancy

We present you with reliable tenants.

Control of your flat

Availability of your apartment when you need it.

Rent your furnished apartment rentals in Madrid

Professional photographs

We send a professional photographer to your apartment at no cost.

We present you tenant offers.

We send you several proposals that adapt to your needs.

Reservation and contract.

We rent your apartment at the best price, and we draw up a lease.

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