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At Serviguest, we know in detail all the questions that arise among the Owners when they consider “I want to rent my apartment in Madrid”:

  • How to set the rental price?
  • For how long should I rent my flat in Madrid?
  • Is it convenient to rent on a temporary or monthly basis, instead of traditional renting?
  • How to choose the right tenant?
  • Do I need to take out insurance against non-payment? Among many others.

With more than 10 years of experience in the real estate market, we can also advise landlords and offer peace of mind and security on what type of rental contract to choose. With our rental management in Madrid, our landlord clients are assured that their flats are safe and that they will get the monthly payments as they should.

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Contact us with all of your doubts, you will see that choosing short-term rental for your flat in Madrid is a good real estate decision

    How to rent a flat in Madrid safely?

    The safest way to rent a property in the Community of Madrid is to have the support of a real estate agency. Even more importantly, we offer you the possibility of taking out insurance against non-payment of rent.

    At Serviguest, we can help you with the management of your flat in the capital for temporary and monthly rentals. You will have the ensured rent, the absolute peace of mind that your flat is in good hands, and the profitability that comes with temporary rentals.

    The advantages of renting out your flat for months in Madrid

    Temporary renting or renting by the month offers multiple advantages for owners of properties in Madrid.

    To understand them, it is important to take into consideration that short-term rentals in Madrid present an interesting offer. The characteristics of the capital mean that different people need a temporary rental contract.

    Whether for study, work, medical care… Numerous reasons bring temporary tenants to the city of Madrid.. The vast majority of our clients are companies looking for temporary accommodation for their employees, many needs just a couple of months of rent.

    • One of the main advantages of temporary renting in Madrid for landlords is the fact of renting to companies, to solve the temporary housing of their displaced employees. The companies ensure timely payment and full compliance with all the documents required for the temporary rental.
    • Another of the benefits of temporary renting is that by fulfilling such a particular need, its price is usually higher than that of long-term renting. This ensures higher profitability for the owners.
    • In addition, the features of temporary occupancy for a certain number of months favour owners, who can have the flat at their disposal more easily and frequently, if they require it. This is in contrast to traditional renting, which requires a five-year wait, or seven years if the owner is a company.
    • Finally, choosing Serviguest for the temporary rental of your flat in Madrid means that we will take care of all the management of your property. We will always find the ideal tenants for your flat!

    Do you want to rent your flat in Madrid on a temporary or monthly basis? Trust in Serviguest, you will find real estate agents with experience guaranteed to meet all your expectations.

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